Challenger 3500 Interior
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Midsize Jets

Larger and more capable than the Super Light Jets category but not as extensive or long-range as the Heavy Jet or Ultra-Long-Range Jet categories. Super Midsize Jets are a popular choice for corporate travelers, high-net-worth individuals, and small to medium-sized groups.

Super Midsize Jets occupy a valuable niche in the private aviation market, providing a balance between cabin comfort, range, and performance. They are a popular choice for travelers who require transcontinental or international capabilities while enjoying the luxuries of a private jet cabin.


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Midsize Private Jets

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Challenger 3500


Spaciousness & Style

The award winning cabin of the Challenger 3500 has the widest cabin in its class with a flat floor design that allows for safe and unrestricted movement throughout the cabin.


Elevated amenities

Voice controlled cabin, wireless chargers as well as 4K entertainment and high speed connectivity guarantee a new flying experience.

Challenger 3500 topview

Unmatched reliability

99.8% dispatch reliability and ready to fly in under 7 minutes.



The outstanding field performance and steep-approach capabilities allow the Challenger 3500 aircraft to operate in and out of some of the most challenging airports around the world such as Aspen, London City or Lugano.

Jet Interior

Our Cabin with Luxury Facilities

Designed as an extension of your home and office, the Super Midsize Jets aim to enhance your productivity while on-the-go.

Cabin Comfort

With a fully enclosed galley, the Challenger 3500 as well as other Super Midsize Jets provide the passengers with the utmost privacy.

Challenger 3500 Galley
Challenger 3500 Interior Seat Floating

Inflight Connectivity

Entertainment systems, including large high-definition screens, audio systems, and inflight Wi-Fi, are standard features in these cabins. Passengers can stay connected and entertained throughout their journey.