Based in Poland, Jet Supply is a private jet broker which guarantees a completely neutral search for private jets and helicopters. As we do not operate aircraft ourselves, we support our clients in finding the best solution with the best prices.
We will always negotiate the best price for your flight whether it is for an on demand charter flight, empty leg or a modified empty leg. Jet Supply gets access to over 2.500 aircraft worldwide and can plan your trips to over 73.000+ unique airport pairs. We address safety, privacy, flexibility of travelling as our key values when organizing every trip for the most demanding clientele. Every quote we make is transparent and absolutely free of charge and does not involve an obligation to purchase the flight.
Jet Supply does not operate any aircraft, but works closely with the worlds most trusted operators to enable you access to their fleets.
Our portfolio of clients spans across the Globe, and the flights we facilitate can take place between any two points across the World.


On-demand charter flights are private jets that you hire for a flight at the time you decide and on the itinerary you choose. You control every detail. You select your aircraft according to size, age and your budget. Once approved and paid for, the aircraft is guaranteed for you and your guests to fly as requested. Jet Supply offers very competitive prices for these flights, as we negotiate preferential rates with operators based on a high volume of flight hours year after year.
Get from your car to the aircraft in less than 10 minutes through VIP terminals, access airports where no commercial operators reach, stay connected and carry out business from 31,000 feet while enjoying the utmost privacy and comfort.
An empty leg flight is a private jet flying without passengers. This happens when an aircraft drops off passengers at their destination and returns home "empty", or when it flies "empty" to pick up passengers at another airport. It is estimated that one in three private jet trips are empty legs. Booking an empty leg is a much more affordable solution than booking a regular charter flight since discounts on empty legs vary between 30-70% compared to regular charter flights. The initial client has already paid for the empty leg when booking their trip, so the fixed cost of the flight is covered. Therefore, the operator can allow other passengers to fly on this aircraft at bargain prices.
The first and major restriction with empty legs is availability because these flights are not immediately available when and where they are needed. Therefore, luck defines whether an aircraft will be available for your requested destination at your preferred time. Jet Supply’s Advisors regularly observes on the market and do our best to accommodate your request. The next restriction is type of aircraft since it is chosen by the original passenger. In this instance, luck defines again if an empty leg meets your needs in terms of age, size and passenger capacity. In consequence, the more flexible the client is in terms of timing or destination, the higher chances the client has of finding an empty aircraft.


Every aircraft has a luggage compartment which varies for each flight. We advise you to contact the Jet Supply team in order to find more details about your luggage allowance.
Winter equipment, wheelchairs or even artwork can be taken on board and stored in the cargo compartment as long as the items fit and the total cargo mass is not exceded. However, in certain situations the flying crew may decide that certain items can be taken in the cabin when those do not fit in the designated cargo space.
Dangereous goods such as flammable materials, corrosive agents or medical substances might not be allowed on board your next charter. The carriage of such items must be approved by the aircraft's owner upon booking and is subject to the operator having the accreditations to fly such materials.


Private jet charter market is affected by seasonality, however depending on which aircraft type you are looking to hire prices range from €2,500/hour to €8,000/hour.
Jet Supply accepts wire, credit card and cryptocurrency transactions. This includes Visa, MasterCard, AmericanExpress. Currently we do not accept Apple Pay and PayPal.
Depending on the credit card type, a fee of 3.5% - 4.5% will be charged by the bank settling the transaction.
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