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Air Ambulance

Specially designed aircraft which can swiftly respond to medical emergencies, allowing for rapid and efficient transportation of patients, even over long distances. With its ability to provide immediate medical care during flight, the air ambulance jet service ensures the safe and timely transfer of patients to medical facilities best suited to their needs, offering a crucial lifeline in times of medical crisis.

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The Air Ambulance Service

Medical Expertise

Aircraft equipped with the necessary medical facilities and staffed by specialized medical personnel capable of providing appropriate care during the journey.

Global Reach

Ambulance aircraft can efficiently transport patients over vast distances, facilitating access to specialized medical facilities.

Safety & Confidentiality

Our operator partners hold all relevant accreditations and adhere to stringent safety protocols, ensuring a high standard of care and operational safety.

Swift Response

Speed and efficiency are key advantages of air ambulance jets, making them a critical resource for time-sensitive medical situations.

Cost Transparency

Receive a detailed breakdown of the costs involved in chartering the air ambulance jet. Including factors such as flight time, medical personnel, ground transportation, and any additional fees.

24/7 Support

Our dedicated team of professionals is always on standby to provide immediate assistance and guidance throughout the entire process of arranging an air ambulance charter.


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Example: Bombardier Challenger 604

Air Ambulance Benefits

Critical and time-sensitive medical transportation via aircraft, for patients who require immediate medical attention or need to be transferred to a medical facility over long distances.

Specialized Equippment

Equipped with intensive care facilities, as well as standard medical and technical equippment.


Excellent for international flights, the Challenger 604 has a range of 6.800 km.

Medical Crew

Staffed by highly trained medical professionals, including critical care nurses and physicians.

Quick Response

Excellent for immediate departures and support in time critical missions.

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