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Most Popular Private Jets for Charter: The Elite’s Choices

The Allure of Top-Tier Private Travel

Private aviation provides an unmatched experience, from the ease of boarding to the tailored in-flight services. As travelers become more discerning, the choice of aircraft plays a significant role in defining their journey.

Light Jet Favorites

Cessna Citation XLS+

A leader in the light jet class, the XLS+ is favored for its expansive cabin that maximizes space without compromising comfort. With a generous range, it’s a favorite among both business travelers and holidaymakers.

Embraer Phenom 300

Standing out in the light jet segment, the Phenom 300 offers a spacious interior, cutting-edge avionics, and a range that rivals some larger jets, embodying Embraer’s commitment to luxury and performance.

Midsize Jet Elite Choices

Hawker 800XP

With a legacy of performance, the 800XP offers a spacious cabin and impressive range, making it a favorite in midsize jet chartering.

Bombardier Learjet 60XR

Merging style and functionality, the 60XR offers fast cruising speeds, a luxurious interior, and technological enhancements for a refreshing journey.

Heavy Jet Top Picks

Legacy 650

Embraer’s masterpiece in the heavy jet category, the Legacy 650 has a transcontinental range, three distinct cabin zones, and finely crafted interiors with advanced entertainment options.

Bombardier Global 6000

A symbol of air luxury, the Global 6000 is ideal for international travelers. Its ultra-long range and spacious cabin ensure peak comfort for extended flights.

These jets are not just about speed and range; they’re about experience. Advanced avionics ensure smoother, safer flights, while unmatched comfort and reliability promise a travel experience like no other.